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Използваме бисквитки за можем да осъществим правилната работа на уебсайта, както и за събиране на информация за добавяне на нови и подобрение на съществуващите функционалности, за по-добра използваемост на уебсайта от потребителите. Може да прочете нашите правила относно използването им тук.

Hein Smith

Hein Smith is a consultant/trainer/writer from USA and has been in the IT business since the late 1990's. Hein Smith has authored tons of computer books.

Prior to pursuing a career in writing, author Hein Smith garnered a Master of Science in Information Systems with University First Rank. His love of teaching has translated into an equal love of writing. He has more than 16 years experience consulting and developing Office solutions

In his spare time, he loves to analyse about different upcoming technology. His passion for computers has led him to create several highly praised computer course books on various subjects. He believes that people should have access to great information and educational content that is suitable for them at low cost and not consuming massive chunks of their time and energy.He also believes that learning should be enjoyable and something you look forward to.

He has created and written a number of guides that are aimed at teaching vital topics such as Excel VBA, Agile Scrum, machine learning, python machine learning,ethical hacking etc. And He has done so in a simple approach suitable for anyone with the desire to learn, regardless of their prior experience with the subject.

Книги от Hein Smith